Wool body

Wool suit for baby and children

Here in Denmark, we often have unpredictable and changeable weather, and that does not make it easier to figure out how to dress the youngest in the family in the morning. A baby wool suit is pretty much always a good solution. Many people think that wool is too hot to give their child on unless it is minus degrees outside, but that is actually not true. Wool has the property of being able to regulate heat better, and can therefore both keep your child warm and comfortable when he or she is sitting still on the floor and playing. Conversely, if the baby is running around and sweating, then the wool will absorb the sweat, and help the baby to give off heat so that your baby stays dry and maintains a stable temperature. Wool suits for babies and children also work really well as nightwear, as many children at times sleep restlessly and often kick off the duvet. With a wool suit, your child stays warm without getting too hot. Other advantages of wool are that it does not curl and in addition it is easy to keep clean as dirt does not penetrate into the fabric. The wool is treated and processed according to Oeko-tex's standard. The wool in Småfolk's products is Muelesing free. As always, Småfolk has thought ecology into their range. You can see our selection of wool below.