Junior bedlinen

Junior bed linen – pick the bed linen with good conscious

On the market for junior bed linen, here are some better qualities then others, and some are organic and sustainable. So, if you care about ecology and sustainability, and wishes to give your child the best possible opportunity for a good and safe night’s sleep, then organic bed linen for children the preferred option. If your child is still a baby, you should take a look at our selection of baby bed linen instead.

At Småfolk we wish for your child to sleep safe and soft. The bed linen will provide extra comfort for your child and help the little one has a good night’s sleep, and in doing so give you a good night´s sleep as well. This is why, we only provide organic junior bed linen. With an organic junior bed linen from Småfolk you are guaranteed, your child is sleeping in natural and soft materials, whom are free from all sorts of toxic materials, just like our burp cloths are, while being kind to the environment. This is why you can be sure, that your child is sleeping in the best possible bed linen.

Organic bed linen for children also means, it is easier for the skin to breathe during the night. With the many designs, prints, and colors you are almost certain to find junior bed linen for your boy or girl they will love. All of our junior bed linen is made from 100% organic high-quality cotton, this ensures that your child is sleeping in the softest bed linen regardless which one you choose.


Småfolk junior bed linen for your child

We have a selection of junior bed linen for children – for either girl or boys, A typical junior bed linen for girls could be our pink landscape bed linen. This is perfect for the princess nursery, and will most certainly be loved by your daughter. For the boys we have a green landscape, and our classic apples in brown, or green.

There are endless possibilities, where every need and wish can be fulfilled for your child. Whether its pink, green or a completely different color, you can find it at Småfolk. Our Junior bed linen measures 100x140 cm. for the duvet cover, and 42x46 cm. pillow cover. Your child can therefor use the junior bed linen from around the age of 2 all the way up to around 6 years.

When you have chosen a nice bedlinen and your child is over the moon, it is important to make it last a long time. It is recommended to increase the durability, and to spare the environment, bed linen is turned inside out before being washed. The bed linen will often than not, also become softer, and in doing so you are sure the bed linen will last a long time while you save the environment for your precious pumpkin.

If you need junior bed linen for your boy or girl, where the only limit is the imagination in relation to colour, design and pattern, then in our collection you will most certainly find bed linen your child will love. Many of our designs, and patterns you will also find on our bathrobes. Here you can with good conscience let your munckin spend some hours in calm and secure surroundings