Long sleeved tops

T-shirts with long sleeves in all sizes

Here on Småfolk.dk you find different t-shirts with long sleeves for children in all ages. Our t-shirts are available from 1 year and all the way up to 12 years. They are available in all kinds of different designs and patterns, so there is something for every taste. Our t-shirts are also easy to wash. Put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees, and if you want to avoid that the fabric shrinks, then avoid tumble drying.

Our t-shirts with long sleeves are practical for the colder days, where a t-shirt with short sleeves are not enough, or if you want to protect your child from the sun. Are you looking for other sunprotecting clothes, then try our UV 50 swimwear, that protects your child against the sun and works like a sunscreen in factor 50 on the part of the body where your child is covered.  Your child will not be to warm in our long sleeved t-shirts, because they are made in a light material. In the winter period they can be used under a thicker shirt, so your child can stay warm. For the cooler days in the Autumn  and Winter we also have sweatshirts in fine prints to supply our t-shirts with long sleeves.

T-shirts in organic cotton

All our t-shirts with long sleeves are produced in 100% organic cotton, and that way you can be sure your garment are produced sustainable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore 85% of our collection and almost 1005 of the baby collection is OECO-TEX certified. This is your guarantee, that the garment is free of harmfull substances. We care for the coming generations and our planet, and therefore we have high demands for our suppliers.

Funny prints for children

Our  t-shirts with long sleeves have many different prints, that the children finds funny. See for instance our t-shirts with firetrucks, dinosaurs or that one with tractors. In the more girly category we also have pink t-shirts with long sleeves. For instance with deers on or with flower print. We also have nice t-shirts with skirts, that can make any girl feel like a ballarina

Whether you are looking after t-shirts with long sleeves for your boy or girl, then we probably have something for every taste. We also have pants, that fits nicely with the long sleeved t-shirts and have good movability for the child either as sweatpants, velvet or leggings. The are naturally also available in different motives or single colored, if you are more into that. And all our cotton pants are in 100% organic cotton.