Baby suits

Bodysuit for baby

Are you missing one or maybe even more bodysuits for your newborn baby? With us you will find a large selection of one-piece for sharp prices. With a baby suit, you are sure that your baby will stay warm, and this may be needed during the cold winter months. The suit can be used all year round as the innermost layer in the winter during e.g. a snowsuit or winter jacket. A baby suit can also be worn on the cool summer days and nights.

Our range of overalls consists of different colors like yellow, pink, blue and green as well as in different prints that can be fun for your baby to look at. We have prints with flowers, animals, tractors, cars or with the familiar apples. Later, the motifs can help to stimulate your child's language and senses, as they can begin to name some of the motifs found in the various prints.

Practical bodysuits for your baby

At Småfolk you can get a bodysuit for baby with both short and long sleeves and also short and long legs depending on what you are most into. Our suits are produced in 100% organic cotton, so you do not have to worry about your child's skin and health.

With a bodysuit for your babyt, you are sure to be covered in the first months of your baby's life. As a new parent, it is practical to have a piece of clothing that is easy to get on and off again and that goes quickly if the accident is out. With press buttons along the legs, our bodysuits are extremely practical, as you avoid the hassle of having something over the child's head. The soft fabric of the bodysuit makes it comfortable to wear for your child, and you can practically let the child wear the suit around the clock.

A one-piece suit that keeps your baby warm all night

A one-piece suit for baby helps the newborn keep body heat. For the really cool winter nights or for ride in the pram, we also have a selection for newborns, which i.a. contains small sets of hats and mittens in matching fabric for the suits. Then you are sure that your baby stays 100% warm in the pram or on the living room floor.

A bodysuit for baby gives the newborn great freedom of movement, as there are no closures or anything that bothers when it comes to exploring new things and places. When your baby needs to sleep in the bodysuit, you are sure that no cold air enters the body - this is ensured by the tight buttons along the closures in the sides. Should your child lie on the stomach or on the back, there is only fabric to lie on. A one-piece suit for baby can be supplemented with our bedding, which matches really well with the suits.