UV baby swim pants

Diaper trunks for the water-loving adventurers

At Småfolk you will find the most beautiful nappy swimming trunks for the little ones. All our swimming trunks with diapers are made of UV50 fabric, which protects against 98% of the sun's sharp and harmful ultraviolet rays in the places where the fine diaper pants are worn.

Get ready for summer and splash with a diaper swim trunk that your child will love. We guarantee imaginative patterns, exactly as you already know from Småfolk. We often find that the fine patterns are a good topic of conversation with the little ones, where they can easily learn new exciting things or write funny stories.

Looking for other swimwear for the little ones? At Småfolk you will find a huge range of both bikinis, suits and much more. See, for example, our entire selection of UV swimwear that protects against the sun's sharp rays. Of course always with the same nice, fun and cool patterns.

A trip in the swimmer calls for approved nappy swimming trunks

When the day calls for a trip to the swimming pool, it is important to have the right swimming trunks. In the worst case, the swimming pool can reject you if the trousers do not meet the requirements. Specific requirements have been set for the use of special nappy swimming trunks in order to create the best hygiene for everyone in the hall, so that young and old can have a pleasant day and a good experience.

At Småfolk you will of course find approved nappy swimming trunks that meet the high standards. The approved nappy swimming trunks are the variants that have a high waist and short legs. It is important that they close completely to avoid unpleasant surprises in the water.

Can't go to the swimming pool? Then you can easily choose some of the other fine variants.

How to take best care of your child's swim trunks

All things last best if you take good care of them. This of course also applies to Småfolk's swimming trunks with diaper.

Regardless of which nappy swimming trunks you choose, you will keep the color best if you make sure to rinse them well in cold water from the tap after each use. You should also avoid drying them in direct sunlight and avoid using a tumble dryer.

To preserve the smooth surface, we recommend avoiding contact with rough surfaces. We know it can be difficult when the little ones get down to playing in the sand and on the stones at the water's edge.

If you take good care of the nappy swimming trunks, they can stay good-looking and functional for a long time - so long, in fact, that a little sister or brother can easily take over and have the same good experiences at the water's edge.

Swimming trunks with nappy are good for your child and the environment

At Småfolk, we take responsibility for both the climate, the environment and our planet together. We also really care about the little ones and that is why we are proud that the majority of our collections are produced in Europe and with the best conditions to provide good experiences at the water's edge.

If you are in doubt about the size, you can make use of our size guide. Here, with the help of a few measurements, you can find the right size. We know that it is annoying to order the wrong size and then have to send it back when you just want to go to the beach or the swimming pool. Order before 13, then we will make sure to send the same day.