Thermal clothing

Thermal clothing

Thermal clothing for kids

As the cold season approaches, thermal clothing for your child is a must-have! Småfolk's thermal jackets, thermal pants, and jumpsuits are made of luxurious and soft material, perfect for transitional outdoor play. Choose between two-piece sets or jumpsuits, which are particularly practical for very young children as they do not separate in the middle but keep your child wonderfully warm. Småfolk's thermal clothing for children is both insulating and breathable, making it suitable for use as sleepwear when tucking your child in outdoors.

Keep the kids varm with thermal jackets and pants

Our collection of thermal clothing includes everything you need to keep your children warm from head to toe. Our thermal jackets are designed with insulating properties and a wind- and water-repellent outer shell that keeps the cold out and the warmth in. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for both outdoor play and school. Our thermal pants are just as important as the jackets, providing extra warmth and protection for the legs. They are made of soft and stretchy materials that give children full freedom of movement while keeping them warm and dry in the snow and sleet. For the little ones, we also have jumpsuits that provide full coverage from head to toe. They are easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for everyday use.

Thermal clothing for both younger and older kids

At Småfolk, we have thermal clothing for newborns up to 8 years old. Our collection includes a range of different sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect thermal clothing for your child regardless of age and size. For the very young ones, our jumpsuits are especially popular, as they have a relaxed fit with zippers and ribbing at the neck, sleeves, and ankles. Our jumpsuits come in many different prints, designed with a focus on cheerful colors, details, and stories. For example, check out our jumpsuit for babies with a tractor print. Our thermal clothing is therefore a great way to add personality to your child's wardrobe while ensuring they feel comfortable all day long.

Småfolk's focus on ecology

Our thermal clothing is treated with a Bionic finish Ecoder, which is a biodegradable surface treatment. The treatment prevents moisture from penetrating the fabric, while excess moisture from the body is automatically transported to the surface of the material to evaporate. A treatment that matches Småfolk's desire to sell products that take environmental considerations into account. Overall, we prioritize ecology in many aspects of our children's clothing to provide our customers with products that are not only of high quality but also free from harmful chemicals. This way, we also reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations in children with particularly sensitive skin.

Thermo for children

When it is cold outside, thermo is a must have. Småfolk has thermosuits, thermo jackets and thermopants all maked of soft materials and it is perfect as a transituation wear for children playing outside. You can choose between two styles either as a suit that keep your child warm or a style with separate jacket and pants. Thermo from Småfolk is isolating and breathable. It can also be used as pajamas, when your child is sleeping outside. Our styles for girls or boys are as usual with the well known apple print from Småfolk.