Waistcoast for children

Waistcoast for children are a smart and practical solution that can be worn year-round and adjusted according to weather conditions. The vests can be used to add an extra layer of warmth without worrying about restricting the child's freedom of movement. They are ideal for colder days and transitions between seasons. In addition to providing extra warmth, the vest also serves as a stylish extra detail in the outfit. Throw the vest over a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or a dress to complete a practical and stylish ensemble.

Find Reversible Padded Vests for Children at Småfolk

What makes Småfolk's vests especially unique is their reversible feature. This allows you and your child to decide which design or color should be displayed on the outside. The double-sided function not only adds a stylish twist but also provides the flexibility to match the vest in different ways for various occasions. For example, explore our reversible padded vest with leopards and retro apples, featuring snow leopards on one side and the classic apple print on the other.

High-Quality Vests for Children

Our focus on quality and durability is evident in every design. Our padded vests are designed in Denmark and produced in organic cotton, ensuring the soft comfort that children love. The thoughtful designs also include practical details like buttons that allow the vest to keep the cold out.

Comfort in Motion: Our Children's Vests

Our children's vests are created for kids in their playful activities. Designed with a focus on both style and functionality, our children's vests are the perfect combination of free movement and a comfortable fit. Whether it's playing in the park, an active day at preschool, or family outings, our vests for children are tailored to children's active lifestyles. And even when children return home after a full day of play, the vests are easy to maintain. They can be easily machine-washed, making them practical for parents to keep clean. Always read the washing instructions on each product or find more information about wash and care on our website.