UV Swimwear

UV swimwear that protects your child from the sun

When the sun starts to bake and the temperature rises, it's time to find the swimwear. Whether you are looking for UV swimwear in the form of suits, swimming trunks for boys, bikini or swimsuit for girls or diaper pants for the newborn, then Småfolk definitely has something for you. All our UV swimwear protects your child with UPF50 +, which means "Ultraviolet Protection Factor", and is a term for how great the protection is against the ultraviolet rays from the sun.
The protection is knitted into the fabric. So when our UV swimwear protects with UPF50 +, this means that every time 50 rays hit the fabric, 1 ray penetrates, and thus the clothing protects against 98% of the sun's rays. You can therefore, in good conscience, dress your child in Småfolks UV swimwear. Take a look at our selection of UV swimwear for children here.


UV swimwear for babies and children

When children spend a lot of time in the water, the water acts as a kind of mirror that reflects the sun's rays. In fact, you get twice as much UV radiation from the sun due to mirroring. At Småfolk, you will fortunately find a wide selection of smart UV swimwear that protects children from sunburn. You can find several different models with imaginative and beautiful designs that children love to look at. Our UV swimwear for children is available in beautiful colors, so your child has ample opportunity to choose exactly what suits their taste.
When you are looking for UV swimwear for your child, you should also take a look at our sun hats and bathing shoes, which give your child extra sun protection.


UV swimwear for the newborn

The very small sizes are extra prone to being sunburned. For babies and very young children, we therefore recommend our UV50 suits. The suit has short sleeves and legs, and then it can be closed with a zipper, so it is easy to take off and on. When babies and toddlers wear this suit, very little of their skin is exposed to the sun's UV rays, and therefore this UV suit is an obvious choice for babies and young children. If you want to be extra safe, you can combine your child's UV swimwear with our UV50 sun cap or sun hat - so your child is extra protected from the sun.
Order UV swimwear and much more at Småfolk.dk before kl. 13, and then we send off the same day. We even offer free shipping if you order for 100€  or more. So order your UV swimwear together with your other items from Småfolk in one total order, so you get free shipping.