Sweats for children

Children love playing and being psysically active. They are jumping, crawling and tumbling around. As long as children have an age, where they are playing all day, they need comfortable clothes. Sweats or jogging clothes are perfect to children, because it loose and comfortable. Småfolk has sweatshirts and jogging clothes for boys and girls. As an addition we also offer sweatpants or sweatshorts. It can be combined as you want. Have a fun time by combine different prints and colors and make your own look. Combine for examble tops with print and a solid colored lower part or try it the opposite way.  There are a lot of combinations. All sweats are made by organic cotton, so you are sure that you will take care of the environment.

Our sweatshirts for children come in sizes 1-12 years, so you can buy sweatshirts for the very little ones as well as for the big kids here at Småfolk. Are you unsure about your child's size? Then use our size guide, where you can measure your child exactly, so that you can hopefully find the right size online.

How to wash our sweatshirts for children

Our sweatshirts for children should be washed at 30 degrees so that they retain their color and shape as best as possible. You should also avoid drying our sweatshirts for children in a tumble dryer or in direct sunlight. On the other hand, they can withstand ironing if, for example, they have been curled up in the bag and just need to be straightened a little.

Buy our sweatshirts for kids in your favorite print and order them with a pair of leggings or a skirt in a matching print or maybe in different prints depending on your style. Hurry in and order everything before 13, we will send your goods the same day with GLS, so that they are with you as soon as possible.