UV water shoes

Give your child a pair of nice UV50 swimming shoes

With a pair of bathing shoes that protect your child's skin with UPF50+, you are sure that your child's feet are protected from the sun but also from sharp stones and broken glass that can lie hidden in the sand when, for example, you have taken a walk the beach. The UV factor is knitted into the fabric of the shoes, so they protect against 98% of the sun's rays.

Our bathing shoes are available in the fine Småfolk fabric with print in sizes 18-32, so they are available both for very small feet and slightly larger children's feet. In addition to our fine bathing shoes, our range also offers sun hats, which are also made of the effective UV50 fabric. We also have bathing suits and swimming shorts for older children and nappy swimming trunks for the very little ones.

Care of our bathing shoes for children

In order for our bathing shoes to stay nice for as long as possible and retain their nice colors, we recommend rinsing the bathing shoes in clean, cold water after use and avoiding drying in direct sunlight and in tumble dryers. Preferably avoid all contact with rough surfaces. Our bathing shoes can be washed at 40 degrees if they have become really dirty and need cleaning.

You will never regret buying a pair of Småfolk bathing shoes. Your child can splash around in the water while you are assured that the little ones are protected from the sun and sharp objects. Looking for waterfront entertainment? Then you can take a look at our outdoor toys, where we have a large collection of toys for both water and land.

Bathing shoes that match the swimwear

Find a nice outfit for the beach by combining a pair of Småfolk swimming shoes with our swimwear. Here you can, among other things, match our swimming pool pattern swimming shoes with a UV50 bikini and a sun cap in the same pattern. Or you can mix and match our swimwear with a pair of our swimming shoes. It is only the imagination that sets limits on how you want to style your Småfolk clothes.

Order from our entire range online. We ship your order the same day if you order before 1 p.m. We offer free shipping on orders over DKK 399. Hurry in and choose your favorite swimwear and order it all in our online webshop. Then you are free from queuing for the fitting room and the trouble of lugging around a lot of bags. In our webshop you can order everything effortlessly from the comfort of your own home.