Wool clothing

At Småfolk, we have an extensive range of wool clothing for children, designed to provide the little ones with the best comfort and protection year-round. In our selection of wool clothing for babies and children, you will find everything from wool bodies, wool suits, wool sweaters, wool pants, and wool hats. Wool is known for its insulating properties, retaining heat while being breathable and moisture-wicking. Our merino wool suits are made from 100% merino wool and have a regular fit, ensuring that the child can move freely and comfortably. Additionally, the wool suits come with a practical envelope closure and snap buttons, making it easy to change clothes.

Why choose wool clothing for your child?

There are several good reasons why wool clothing is beneficial for children. Merino wool generally does not itch, making it ideal for children with delicate and sensitive skin. Furthermore, the fine and curly fibers of merino wool create insulating air pockets that help regulate body temperature. These air pockets absorb and retain moisture, helping to keep your child warm and dry. Another fantastic feature of wool is that it is self-cleaning. This means that wool clothing often can be aired out instead of washed, saving both time and resources.

Wool for all temperatures

Wool is an incredibly versatile material suitable for use in all temperatures. At Småfolk, we specialize in offering wool clothing for children, ensuring comfort and warmth year-round. Wool's unique properties make it perfect for both warm and cold days, making it an ideal choice for children's clothing. Småfolk's wool clothing, such as wool sweaters, wool pants, and wool hats, ensures that your child is dressed in soft and comfortable clothing regardless of the temperature. The versatility of wool means it can be used as layering clothing in winter or as standalone pieces in milder weather.

How to wash wool clothing

To preserve the many properties of wool, we recommend machine washing on a wool program at a maximum of 30 degrees, preferably without bleach and tumble drying. Wool suits can be ironed at a low temperature but should not be dry cleaned. Overall, it is important to note that wool clothing generally requires gentle care to maintain its quality after washing. Another advantage of wool is that it does not need to be washed as frequently as other materials. Wool is naturally antibacterial, which means it usually can be aired out between uses. This helps extend the lifespan of your child's wool clothing and maintain its appearance and functionality.

Woolen clothes children can use all year round

You can dress your child in wool as both an inner layer or as an outer layer in the form of trousers and cardigan or hat and mittens, so that cold ears, fingers and cheeks are kept to a minimum. With the right clothing in the form of woolen clothes, you can safely put your child in the pram or send your child to the playground. Many people have the expectation that woolen clothes for children are too warm to put on your child unless it is sub-zero outside. However, this is not true. Woolen clothing has a fantastic temperature-regulating property, and can therefore both keep your child warm and comfortable when he or she sits quietly on the floor and plays.

Conversely, if your child runs around and sweats, the wool will absorb the sweat and help your child to release heat, so that the child stays dry and maintains a stable temperature. Children's clothing in wool can therefore be used both day and night all year round, regardless of the season. Woolen clothes are also ideal if you have a child who often sweats, as the moisture and sweat are transported out of the material. The temperature-regulating feature gives every parent peace of mind and security that our little people can always breathe. Woolen clothes for children and babies also work very well as nightwear, as many children sometimes sleep restlessly and often kick off the duvet. With a wool onesie for babies, your child stays warm without getting too hot. If your child has periods of cold and colds, where the cold months in particular leave their mark on your child's immune system, then woolen children's clothing is the obvious choice. By dressing your child in woolen clothes regardless of the season, you as a parent give your child the best conditions for a warm and dry body, which will lead to fewer days with colds and illness. However, wool is a matter of taste, and it is therefore not a guarantee that neither you nor your child will be thrilled, but with the many advantages, it is definitely worth a try.

The correct treatment of woolen clothing for children

As previously mentioned, wool has many advantages. Other advantages are that wool does not curl. In addition, wool is easy to keep clean, as dirt does not penetrate the fabric, and therefore the conditions for bacterial growth are reduced. It is recommended that woolen clothes are not washed too often, as some of the wool's properties and benefits diminish over time. It is also a good idea to wash wool at low temperatures, as the risk of the wool shrinking is therefore smaller.