Premature baby clothes

Clothes for premature and newborn babies 

When a little new baby comes into the familyit is one of lifes peak moments and it brings happiness and smile to the whole familiy. And you want to do the best for your little newborn, also regarding the clothes. But when you are first time parents  , Småfolk believe that you are wondering about what kind of close the baby need and how many pieces of each style. A good advice is only buying basic wear, when the baby is newborn. You can get a lot of nice babywear and it is difficult to limit yourself, when you are shopping. It is a good idea to remember that the cloth for the baby has to be comfortable and practical. Småfolk think it is a good idea to buy the cloth a little bigger and up the sleeves until you know the perfect size. All cloth from Småfolk are made of organic cotton, so your baby get a healthy start of life.

Basic clothes to the smallest babies

Småfolk has made a small line af nice basic wear to the tiniest, that fulfills the need of a small beginners wardrobe. Chose  between sets, a body or a bodysuit. All the products apply that we have thought over the need of the smallest babies. All products opens in the front with push buttons, that makes diaper change easy. In the suit there is feeds so that baby doesn’t freeze. You can also get a small beanie. Are you visiting somebody that just got a newborn member of the family our newborn gift box set is the perfect maternity gift. As the rest of Småfolks large collection the clothes for newborn is off cause made of organic cotton. You can also get the gift boxes in gender neutral colors, if you want to give the gift before the little one has come.