A snowsuit for both babies and children

At Smafolk we have a wide selection of snowsuits for children and babies. Our snowsuits are available from newborn, all the way up to 12 years of age. For the smallest ones, the snowsuits are available with the smart double zipper, so it´s more easy to put on and take off. For the bigger children, the snowsuit have a single zipper. All the snowsuits have wind stopper in the sleeve, Velcro adjustment at the wrist and a elastic band on the back to ensure a better fit. On the snowsuits for babies, there are fixed mitts for the hands and feet. Witch will help to keep your child warm in the coldest time in the winter. The suits for the bigger children, are designed with rubber bands at the feet, so wind, water and dirt will not enter the shoes or boots.

An all repellent snowsuit for every types of weather

The snowsuits have a soft fleece Thermolite Plus lightweight lining in the upper part of the suit also in the hood, so the child always is kept warm and dry. The snowsuits are all water and dirt repellent, windproof and coated with Bionic Finish Eco, which prevents moisture from penetrating the fabric. The surface treatment also allows excess moisture automatically being transported to the surface to evaporate.

The treatment are free from fluorides, so it is safe for your child to spend many hours in the snowsuit over the cold winter days.

At Smafolk you will find snowsuits at a reasonable price, and the snowsuits are timeless in their designs and in very high quality – Take a look at the selection and find the snowsuit, you like best. We have designs for both boys and girls. In addition to the snowsuits, you can also take a look at our hoods and mittens, which also come in matching designs.

A good snowsuit for the cold days in the baby carriage

With a Smafolk snowsuit for your child, you are ensured a soft wraping, well-being and good mood. Most parents will do their best to keep their baby warm, and avoid a cold, crying and freezing baby. That´s why a soft wrapping is alfa & omega for your baby´s comfort and an insurance against wet and cold days in the baby stroller.


We also have a wide selection of babynests. It gives your baby support and security to be surrounded by the babynest. Our babynests come in a variety of colors, patters and shapes. Find the babynest who best suits your childs needs. As a matching set you can also find good quality linens for babies in our store, which can match your babynest and complete the look.