Baby nest

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A baby nest is unavoidable

A baby nest is an unavoidable item in most homes. The baby nest have in resent years become very popular and can today be found in most homes. The idea in its simplicity is, that the baby nest forms a comfortable nest around your child, and the child will then feel safe both home and away. Therefor a baby nest is a great help for most new parents, when the baby choses to come.

A baby nest consists of a soft madras surrounded by soft edges, which helps to create safe surroundings for your baby. So if you wish to have your baby with you in the sofa or around the dinner table, you avoid that the baby tumbles out. In our assortment you find both a round and a oval baby nest, and they are available in prints that fits Småfolks other designs – one with landscape, one with tractors, one with swans and one with horses. Colors are ranging from green and sea pink to blue and grey.

We also have baby bedlinen that matches the baby nest in colors and prints so they can go together. 

Different ways to use a babyn est

With a baby nest, you can feel safe as a parent when you have your baby lying, while it at the same time give you more  freedom of movement to do the many everyday task witout bad conscious. Your babys bed or pram can feel big, and therefor it can be obvious to place a baby nest in the bed. Some prefer a bed bumper, which you naturally also can find here in the shop in the well known Småfolk print.

Further than that a baby nest can be useful when sleep together with your child, then you avoid concerns about hitting your child in your sleep, because the edge of the baby nest creates a natural distance between you and the child. A baby nest can also be good, when your child have to train the neck in a healthy way, because the child naturally will try to raise the head to look over the edge of the baby nest.

A practical baby nest

Our baby nests are easy to handle, and you have the possibility to take you baby nest with you when you go on a trip or visit friends or family with out things gets complicated.

So when the trip goes home you can easily create  a familiar setting for your child by bringing the baby nest. The baby nest from Småfolk are adjustable in the size by using the string, and can therefor be adjusted to your child from birth and up to three years. A baby nest is therefor a musthave, for most new parents because of its practical properties to create presence, warmth and safety.

The textile is naturally made by soft cotton, like all other cotton used in Småfolk collections for instance our pants and dresses. The madras is water repellant. Here on the page you will guarantied find a baby nest, that fits your wishes and expectations. Explore our selection and find your favorites.