Outerwear for children

It is important to choose the right outerwear for children that suits the season, wind and weather. At Småfolk we have a wide selection of outerwear for girls in nice pink colours, while the selection of outerwear for boys is available in bluish colours. Finally, you can also buy the same models and designs in more gender-neutral, greyish colours. If you are looking for outerwear for baby, there is certainly something for you. All outerwear has a zip closure and is therefore easy to put on.

The weather no longer has to be a challenge for you and your children, because here on the site, you can find something for every weather situation. If you've been playing in the garden all day and still want to enjoy the bright, but cooler, evening hours outside, we have a selection of transitional clothes that are perfect for this. If, on the other hand, the children look forward to winter, and to building snowmen and making snow angels, then you need windproof, dirt- and water-repellent outerwear instead. Småfolk's outerwear is surface-treated with Bionic finish Ecoder, which is a biodegradable surface treatment. A treatment that matches Småfolk's desire to sell products that take ecology and sustainability into account. See our entire selection below.