UV Swim hats

Sun hats to protect your child from the sun

When your child is sitting and playing on the beach, in the garden or elsewhere, and the sun is high in the sky, then the head is the most exposed place to get burned. Therefore, you can take advantage of our sun hats, which you will find on this page. Our sun hats are made of fabric in UV50, just like all our other swimwear, so that means that every time the sun's rays hit 50 times, only 1 ray penetrates the fabric. Our sun hats are therefore an excellent complement to the sunscreen, where you can be extra sure that your child is protected from the sun.

Our sun hats are available in sizes from 1 year and up to 6 years. And the material on our sun hats is the same as on our swimwear. So that is, the sun hat dries lightning fast after a walk in the water. It is also easy to brush the sand off it after a walk in the sandbox.


Sun hats that are easy to keep neat

It's easy to get our sun hats to keep its fine colors. We recommend that you rinse our sun hats in clean cold water from the tap, avoid drying the sun hat directly in sunlight and avoid dryers. In order to maintain the smooth surface of our sun hats, we also recommend avoiding contact with rough surfaces. Our sun hats are also easy to wash in the washing machine. They just need to have a trip of max 30 degrees, and then your sun hat is like new afterwards.

Buy our sun hats as a set together with a pair of diaper pants that are available in matching designs. We also have a lot of toys for the beach that your child can quickly make time to go with the water's edge. Then you and your child are completely ready for a walk on the beach.


Sun hats, bathing shoes, t-shirts and much more in UV50

Among our range of swimwear, you will also find a pair of really cute bathing shoes, which are in matching designs for our sun hats. We also have t-shirts that are also available in the fine crayfish print. If you do not think that a pair of bathing shorts or a bathing suit is enough, then you can supplement with a pair of bathing shoes or a t-shirt - all in UV50, which protects against 98% of the sun's rays.

Order our sun hats online together with your other UV50 swimwear. We have sun hats and swimwear for both girls and boys. We deliver with GLS, and you order before kl. 13.00, then your order will be shipped the same day. Hurry in and get yourself a set of UV50 swimwear or one of our fine sun hats.