UV wetsuits

UV Swimwear

Sun, beach, sand castles and water. After a long and cold winter, you look forward to longer and brighter days - to go again to the beach or to go out into the garden and mushroom in the swimming pool. When the sun begins to bake and the temperature rises, it's time to find your swimwear. If you are looking for UV suits, swim trunks for boys, bikini or swimsuit for girls, pants, sun hat or bathing shoes, Småfolk certainly has something for you. All of our swimwear, as well as swim shoes and sun caps protect your child with the UPF50 +, which means "Ultraviolet Protection Factor", and is an indication of how much protection the ultraviolet rays of the sun are. The protection is wrapped in the fabric. So when our swimwear, sun cap and bath shoe protect with UPF50 +, this means that every time 50 rays hit the fabric, 1 penetrates the beam, so protecting the clothes against 98% of the sun's rays. You can therefore with good conscience dress your child in Småfolk swimwear. See our selection of swimwear for children below.