Pram mosquito net

Pram Mosquito net

The spring and summer are a wonderful time, but unfortunately can insects become a big nuisance when spring and summer is upon us. At Småfolk we have mosquito nets for the pram in many colors with our classic apple print. The net has a rubber band in the bottom, which holds it to the pram. The mosquito net fits all standard size prams and are easy to put over the pram. Just like almost all of our products, are our mosquito nets off course oeco tex 100 certified. The net fist all prams in standard sizes, it does however not fit combi pram´s or twin prams. Mosquito net can be considered a “must have” for a parent, because nobody wishes to have their child disturbed, or woken up during nap time. A Småfolk mosquito net, allows good airflow in the pram, while ensuring unwanted insects won’t disturb the child in the pram. However, you must always keep in mind, that a mosquito net will lower the airflow as oppose to not having the pram covered with a rain cover, mosquito net or whatnot.