There is nothing so nice as making a child smile. Fortunately not much is need to achieve that, when we are talking about the small ones, and sometimes it is enough with something as simple as a children dress to make the difference. Dresses for children is beyond a doubt, is not to stand for, and especially when we are allowed to see them on. At Småfolk you can explore our big selection of dresses for children in all ages, so you can make exactly that smile appear on the lip, that you love to see.

Release the princes

One of the biggest joys about being a parent is, that you get the opportunity to buy clothes and shoes to you little ones. Sometimes it is not understandable, that there can be a living person in such a small piece of fabric, and the clothes becomes even more nice to look at, when it finally comes on.

In our selection of dresses for children you have the opportunity to spoil your little nugget with something, that is both practical and joy creating at all small princesses. With our selection of dresses for children you can really release the inner princess and let her unfold with a lot of self-confidence. Most girls loves dresses, that make them look like princesses, and it is nice if they can dance, when the princess shows her best rotations.

Princess on all days and seasons

Dresses for children are suited not only for summer and sun. They are also not only for special occasions. Dresses for children can be used on all days, no matter the occasion, time of they year and weather. Dresses for children creates happiness both for the princesses and their parents, and that happiness you can create everyday. 

Dependent on how you put together your dresses for children, you can adjust the look to the specific season. Give it full speed with the flowers, when the sun is high and they play moves outside, and don’t hold back with the colors, when the weather is grey and boring. When autumn and winter comes you can complement with a pair of warm pantyhose’s and a sweatshirt, so your little nugget can stay warm, and you little slip of a thing can make pirouettes all year around.

Our selection af dresses for children

Our assortment of dresses for children I wide. You can find dresses for children in all sorts of colors and materials from velvet to cotton and tulle. You can find dresses for children with cats, dresses for children with ponies, dresses with flowers and dresses with fruit. You can also find beautiful dresses to children in neutral colors suitable for both normal days and special occasions. 

Here at Småfolk we believe in renewal, and year we introduce four new collections. Here we offer a lot of new styles, and there is never more than 10 weeks, before there are new dresses to choose from. Are you uncertain about the size? Then contact us or get quick help from our size guide. We look forward to welcome you in our universe of nice, beautiful and happy dresses for children, that for certain will start the play and give the nicest little one a smile on their lips.