Bathrobes and Bathing ponchos

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Bathrobes / Bathrobes for children

We all love the feeling of getting a bathrobe on after a long bath. As a parent, you are probably also aware of the challenge of getting your children to want to take a shower without difficulty to a greater or lesser degree. At Småfolk, you can explore a large selection of delicious and fine bathrobes for children, which can make it easier to persuade the little ones to put the game on pause, and which can serve as the perfect end when there has also been time. for fun and play with water in the bath. There is nothing as wonderful as making children smile, and fortunately it does not always take much. With a bathrobe for children, you can make sure that the little stump will always end the bath with a smile on its face, regardless of whether the bath has been voluntary or not. After a nice bath, you can dress him or her in one of our cloth diapers.


Dry, warm and ready for coziness

The beautiful coats are not only appreciated by adults when it comes to relaxing with a face mask. bathrobes for children are an obvious solution when they have just come out of the bath and want to freeze immediately due to the drastic temperature change. With a bathrobe for children, you can make sure that the little stump will get warm immediately and dry in no time without the great effort on your part. If you also want the little one to keep warm outdoors in the winter, check out our selection of winter jackets.

A bathrobe for children is also obvious in the morning when it is difficult to get the little one out of bed because it is much nicer to cuddle under the duvet. With a bathrobe for children, the little one can jump in it right away and enjoy a quiet morning before the clothes have to be put on and the day's adventure has to begin. With bathrobes for children and for the rest of the family, raw coziness is doomed at the breakfast table and on the sofa in the evening before bedtime.


Our selection of bathrobes for children

At Småfolk you can find a large selection of delicious bathrobes for children of all ages and in different colors and styles. Our bathrobes for children are part of our own series, Småfolk Originals. All products from Småfolk Originals are designed in Denmark, and the beautiful bathrobes are produced in 100% organic cotton of the finest quality, just as you see it with our bedding. Our selection of beautiful bathrobes for children all have two large pockets, a practical hood that will no doubt become popular and a ribbon to tie around the waist. Find the perfect bathrobe for children at Småfolk and pamper the little stump with a little extra quality and joy in everyday life.

See also our large selection of towels that fit your bathrobe for children and make the experience extra cozy with a set of nightwear in the same pattern. We look forward to welcoming you to our universe of fine bathrobes for children that will surely become popular and give the cutest little people a big smile on their face.