Stroller accessories

Acceories for pram´s and strollers

Pram Pillow:

At Småfolk you will find everything for the pram, we have insect nets,rain covers and pram pillows. When you buy accessories for the pram, it is important to consider the child’s needs. When you take the little one for a stroll, whether it´s to go shopping, visiting friends/family, public transport or grocery shopping. It´s a good idea to invest in a pram pillow, then the child is able to sit, and experience the world from a safe distance in safe and in a known environment from the pram. Our pram pillows fit all prams, with armrests. The super soft armrest ensures best possible comfort for the little one while sitting in the pram. We recommend following the instructions for relevant authorities regarding how long time the child are able to be seated until they are a certain age.


Rain covers:

For a pram there is usually a rain cover, since children benefits from fresh air this is a good investment. The child will spend a lot of time in the pram, therefor a raincover is almost a must have. Our rain covers fits all prams in standard sizes, not twin, - or small combi prams, this is due to the size of the pram. Remember to pull the rain cover all the way below the carrycot to ensure the carrycot does not get wet. With a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm. our rain covers can withstand a lot of rain. Most rain covers do not have watertight zippers, so please make sure the over and underlap sits correctly to ensure water won´t pass through the zipper and reach the carrycot. If condensation on the inside should occur, this does not mean the rain cover is leaking. It does however mean the temperature in the carrycot is not high enough to push the water through the membrane. We have sown a small bag on the inside of the rain cover, this makes transporting, packing, and unpacking the rain cover very easy. We recommend you let the rain cover dry, at the earliest possible convenience thus ensuring the rain cover will last longer. On the cold days, your child will love to be dressed in wool. This will help to keep the child warm and keep a comfortable temperature and might give a more comfortable nap. Our experiences have shown that wool is a good material for children to wear when napping. Wool however is not enough to obtain a good nap, we recommend a baby winter suitto keep the child warm and dry. Our baby winter suits have built in mittens and baby boots, which prevents the child from getting cold fingers and feet.
Since safety is very important for us, we have made our apple logo as a reflex, and have strategic placed it three places on the rain cover. We do however recommend, more reflexes and/or lights since you and the safety of your child, and well-being is our highest priority.



Insect nets:

When the little one has to take a nap in the pram, it may be necessary to use a mosquito net, this can have the advantage that the child is not woken up too early by annoying insects. We have mosquito nets for prams in 5 different colors, White, Blue, Black, Red and not least Småfolk Green. As with our rain cover, our mosquito net fits all prams in standard sizes. Which means you do not have to bother with a tiresome size guide. All items in this category are Oeko tex 100 certified, like ourrain covers, insect nets and pram pillows.