Nursing pillow

Nursing pillows from Småfolk

The nursing pillow ensures your baby a comfortable and relaxing position during breastfeeding. Furthermore, can the pillow during pregnancy be used to provide support when lying down. All of Småfolk nursing pillows are filled with allergy friendly content, this means the pillow will not collapse when while being used. The nursing pillows from Småfolk is available with or without cover – and we also sell covers without pillows, thus you have the opportunity to replace the cover as you please. The nursing pillow is allergy friendly, the covers are made from soft organic cotton, which ensures the best for you and your baby. See our nursing pillows and different covers here

With a good nursing pillow, it is easier to be a mother. Because of more things, e.g. First of all, you prevent muscle damages – including tension in arms and shoulders. But our nursing pillows will not slide away during breastfeeding, just like they will hold the volume and shape, which ensures a stable and comfortable breastfeeding. Our pillows can off course be used for bottle feeding the baby.

The cover for our nursing pillows can easily be taken off a washed, just like it easy can be replaced with one of our other covers. Our covers can be washed up to 60 degrees (Celsius) in the washing machine – afterwards you can put it in the dryer on low heart using a silk or woll program. You should avoid using fabric softener and detergent with enzymes who are not made for these types of products. Alternatively, you could air dry it outside.

Our nursing pillows are made from 100% eco – and allergy friendly materials in the form of organic cotton. Thus, your child and you are free of harm full, endocrine disruptors environmentally harmful substances


Ergonimic support for your child

When using a nursing pillow, you create the best conditions for both you and your child during breastfeeding.

Our nursing pillows are ergonomically shaped, and you can therefor sit for hours while breastfeeding, and at the same time having a supportive function. Our nursing pillows can be turned either one or the other way, so mommy off course have the opportunity to breastfeed with both breasts.

Here at Småfolk we have nursing pillows with landscape and our classic apples. The common denominator for both nursing pillows are, they both have an external arch measuring 114 cm, and an internal arch of 68 cm, a height of 20 cm, an a width of 20 cm – both nursing pillows are offcourse made from 100% organic cotton. If you are just looking for a new cover for your nursing pillow, then you can find our covers with landscape or classic apples right here on the page. The covers all have a zipper, so you with ease can take the cover off, and put it back on.